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10 Healthy Quinoa Recipes

There are a lot of great reasons why quinoa is considered to be a superfood. It gives you a lot of energy with contents like magnesium and iron. It is full of fiber. In addition, this healthy grain can be a good lunch, dinner or breakfast and can even be taken as a dessert. If you like to cook quinoa, you must try these recipes:-

  • Quinoa Tabbouleh: This tasty dish combines fresh herbs and quinoa and is a great option for a healthy lunch. You can prepare this dish ahead of time and eat for whole week. Here’s the recipe:


  • Quinoa Pancakes: These mini patties are made of Parmesan cheese, fresh basil and garlic. These are perfect for a light lunch when combined with spinach leaves. You can add more flavor to it by adding a topping of salsa which has zero calories.


  • Energy-Revving Quinoa: If you are feeling sluggish, then Quinoa is the best thing. It gives you energy with a good amount of magnesium, iron and fiber. The black beans that are filled with protein will keep you very full and satisfied.


  • Quinoa and Chickpea Burger: These meatless, quinoa and chickpea versions of beef burgers are a great meal for the whole family.


  • Lemon-Blueberry Quinoa Porridge: If you are tired of oatmeal, you should try quinoa porridge. The porridge is filled with blueberries which are rich in antioxidants and protein filled almonds.


  • Quinoa Ginger-Pecan Muffins: The muffins that we buy from the market are usually filled with calories and fat. If you want to have a good diet, try these nutty muffins.


  • Tomatoes with Sausage and Green Goddess Dressing: This is different from the usual salad. It is full of belly-flattening protein because of quinoa and chicken sausage. It is great for lunch.


  • Quinoa and Onion Risotto with Creme Fraiche and Hazelnuts: This rissoto goes well with pork and ham. Hazelnuts and onions give the risotto a crunchy and chewy texture.


  • Quinoa Pudding: Quinoa can be eaten as dessert as well. It is very common in countries like Peru to use it in custards and puddings. Quinoa pudding is a glutten free recipe which is similar to rice pudding.


  • Stuffed Butternut Squash With Quinoa: This dish is great for a vegetarian supper and contains pine nut, pepper and quinoa.


10 Best Easy to make and Delicious Cake Recipes

Looking for a simple and delicious cake recipe? We’ve compiled a list of our top simple cake recipes that are easy to make.

The Egyptians were the first to show advanced baking skills. Even the Medieval European bakers make gingerbread and fruitcakes. A combination of refined flour, shortening, eggs, shortening, milk and other flavors are used to make a cake. There are a lot of yummy cakes that you can make at home.

Here we have chosen 10 simple, delicious and interesting recipes. They are as follows:

Moist Chocolate Cake

This cake is very special, super easy to put together moist and delicious. It is perfect for family parties and celebrations. This chocolate cake is delicious and is very light.

Moist Chocolate Cake

Pineapple Orange Cake

This cake is easy to prepare light that’s nearly guilt free but tastes really good. This recipe will surely steal the show.


Hot Milk Cake

This is a simple yet old-fashioned cake, fine-grained, moist, high-rising that tastes really good.


Sandy’s Chocolate Cake

This recipe was found on This is the best chocolate cake that you will ever have.

Potluck Banana Cake

Potluck Banana cake is a sweet spongy cake prepared with ripe bananas and topped with coffee flavored  frosting of coffee flavor goes well with this moist banana cake.

Classic Carrot Cake

This recipe of the carrot cake is something that you will try multiple times. The secret to this recipe is the condensed milk, spices and flecks of carrot.

Toffee Poke Cake

This is an easy, impressive dessert that pleases everyone. It will be a favorite dessert among your family and friends.

Buttermilk Pound Cake

This is a delicious tangy, moist, and flavorful pound cake. It is best served with macerated strawberries.

Marvelous Cannoli Cake

This rich cake is very delicious and is filled with vanilla and chocolate fillings.