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Healthy Soya Recipes

Soybeans are seeds and come under pea category which is a major food crop in the world. By-products of soybeans are oil, milk, tofu, and soy protein. Soybeans are mainly of two types which are yellow and black. Soybeans are low in fat, minerals, omega-3 Fatty Acids, protein and many other essential vitamins and minerals. Soybeans are useful in many medical conditions like helping in making bones strong, moisturising the skin, etc.

Health Benefits of Soybean:

Low Fat: Soya is low in fat with zero cholesterol and also a good source of fibre which makes it easy to digest.

Minerals: Soya provide all essential elements and minerals to our body.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Soybeans contain essential omega-3 fats which keep your heart healthy. It also helps to slow down the ageing process.

Protein: Soybean is the only vegetarian food that is a complete protein which means that it contains all eight essential amino acids.

In this article, we share a list of Healthy Soya Recipes with video instructions on our food search engine (Tastyfix).

Soya Kebabs

Kebabs are usually made up of meat. But Soya Kebabs recipe is the best option for vegetarian food lovers. Soybean is the best replacement for meat. This healthy Soya Kebab recipe is very delicious.

Soya Haleem

Haleem is a popular meat dish during Ramadan. This is a vegetarian version prepared using Soya Granules.

Soya Flour Cake Recipe

Soya cake recipe is a good source of protein and you can add low-fat cottage cheese and oats for a delicious start of your day.

Soya Manchurian Recipe

Soya Manchurian recipe is a delicious and protein-rich snack for the evening. It tastes almost like Chicken Manchurian. Keep reading our collection of ‘Healthy Soya Recipes’.

Soya Stir Fry

Soya Stir Fry is prepared using soya granules (soak in water and squeeze out the water), green chilies, chopped bottle gourd, boiled potatoes, onion, butter, etc. You can add this recipe to your breakfast menu.

Soya chunks curry recipe

Soya chunks curry recipe is a good source of protein and minerals. It is also the best choice for dinner.

Soya And Beetroot Cutlet

Combination of chopped coriander leaves and soya chunks gives you the best flavor. You can serve it as a starter in any party.

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