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One Pot Chicken Breast Recipes, that are Quick and Easy.

One Pot Chicken Breast Recipes, that are Quick and Easy.

One pot recipes are really time-saving cooking techniques. The best thing I like about one-pot meal is that they are very quick and easy cooking techniques. If you see yourself as a chicken dinner lover then you definitely face a problem of same boring chicken breast recipe. I’ve also faced the same problem that’s why we gathered these 10 best One Pot chicken breast recipes.

Here is the list of best one-pot chicken breast recipes.

1. One Pan Mushroom Chicken with Broccoli

one pot chicken recipe

At first it looks like this dish takes a lot of time to cook but it doesn’t. This tempting chicken recipe only takes about thirty minutes and a single pan. The flavor of mushroom, broccoli and chicken perfectly mixes together. That’s why this is totally a guest-worthy recipe and also a very easy recipe.

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2. One Pot Honey Garlic Chicken with Veggies

one pot honey garlic chicken with veggie

This one pot honey garlic chicken is a super easy recipe. This chicken recipe is a perfect option for you in busy weeknights. You can add on many veggies in this delicious recipe like broccoli, carrot and peas. All the veggies and chicken are coated with honey and garlic sauce in this recipe.

3. Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts and Veggies

honey balsamic chicken breast

The boneless chicken breasts and veggies are baked with perfection
in this recipe and sweet and tangy honey balsamic sauce pair perfectly with this tender and juicy chicken. This delicious one-pot chicken recipe is great for dinner or lunch.

4. Chicken Marsala with Mustard and Mascarpone

Chicken Marsala with Mustard and Mascarpone

Cut boneless and skinless chicken breasts into strips and marinate in Marsala wine along with black pepper and olive oil. This chicken recipe looks mouth-watering and tempting. Spicy mustard flavored sauce used for coating chicken in this recipe

5. Cashew Chicken Zoodles

one pot cashew chicken zoodles recipe

Cashew chicken zoodles is a quick and easy chicken recipe. This recipe takes only 20 min to prepare. This recipe is loaded with juicy chicken, crunchy cashew and veggies and perfect for quick weeknight dinner.

6. Moroccan Chicken Breast Recipe

Moroccan chicken breast recipe

One of the best thing in Moroccan chicken is that this is a tender and juicy chicken recipe, cooked in slow cooker along with tomato and apricot.

7. Garlic Greek Chicken with Lemon and Oregano

greek garlic chicken with lemon and oregano

Garlic Greek style chicken is a great way to serve boneless chicken or chicken breast. In this recipe, the whole chicken is marinated in olive oil and lemon along with oregano and garlic.

8. Spinach Stuffed Chicken

spinach stuffed chicken

If you are a green veggie lover, like spinach than this spinach stuffed chicken recipe is for you. In this recipe, chicken breast is stuffed with creamy spinach, Parmesan and creamy cheese filling.

9. Pan-Seared Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce

chicken with mustered cream sauce

If you love quick and easy dinner ideas that taste good then this one-pot recipe is for you. This tender and juicy chicken perfectly pairs with spicy mustard sauce. It is an extremely easy chicken recipe for weeknight dinner plans.

10. Asparagus Stuffed Chicken with Parmesan

asparagus stuffed chicken with parmesan

This boneless one-pot chicken breast recipe is much easier than you think. Just slice and open a boneless chicken breast, stuff it with fresh asparagus and top it with creamy sauce and Parmesan cheese. This chicken recipe does not take much time even you can make this recipe in a short while.

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