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Eggless Doughnut Recipes for Doughnut Lovers.

Eggless Doughnut Recipes for Doughnut Lovers.

Most of the Doughnut recipes available online contain eggs. I don’t have any issue with those recipes but personally, I don’t like doughnuts which contain eggs. So after more and more hunting, I found these 10 baked eggless doughnut recipes that are easy to make at home and healthy too. These doughnut recipes are baked, not fried.

Here are the top 10 eggless doughnut recipes which I personally gathered from many different sources.

1. Baked Mini Buttermilk Doughnuts with Nutella Glaze

eggless doughnuts

Mini Doughnuts are really fun food. These small doughnuts are the whole package of doughnut flavours. There are two major things I love in these doughnuts recipe. First, this is an eggless doughnut recipe and the second is that my kids also like mini doughnuts. These classic buttermilk doughnuts look damn delicious and are topped with creamy Nutella.

2. Baked Funfetti Glazed Doughnut

eggless doughnut recipe

These doughnuts are very soft and sweet, filled with colorful funfetti sprinkles. These doughnuts are covered in vanilla glaze and baked in the oven. The taste of this eggless doughnut recipe is damn good.

3. Egg Free Choco Doughnut

eggfree choco doughnut

The best thing in egg-free choco doughnut is that this is easy to make doughnut recipe. On the other hand my kids also love chocolate doughnuts which are eggless. So, enjoy this eggless choco doughnut recipe.

Recipe is Here

4. Coconut-Almond Baked Doughnuts

choco almond baked doughnut

These are extremely Tasty doughnuts! you only needed 4 to 5 ingredients in your kitchen to make these mouthwatering doughnuts. These doughnuts are totally gluten free as well as egg free. The crunchiness of almonds makes it my fav doughnut recipe.

Recipe is Here:

5. Sugar ‘n’ Spice Doughnuts

sugar and spice doughnut

Sugar ‘n’ spice doughnuts are loaded with the aromatic flavor of cinnamon. These doughnuts are fluffy inside and crunchy outside. This is a perfect combination of sweet and spicy taste in a single recipe to the end we can say that makes this a unique recipe.

Recipe is Here:

6. Birthday Cake Doughnut

eggless birthday cake doughnut

Birthday cake doughnut is a colourful presentation of a treat which can put a smile on anyone’s face. This light and fluffy birthday cake doughnut is a perfect treat for any kid’s birthday party. You have to make this doughnut a day in advance of your celebration because these doughnuts taste great when frosted.

Recipe is Here:

7. Double-Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts

double chocolate glazed doughnut

This super moist, soft and fluffy doughnut recipe is very easy to make. This double chocolate glazed doughnut is any chocolate lover’s dream. It can be a perfect afternoon snack but you can have it any time when you want.

Recipe is Here:

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8. French Toast Doughnut

French toast doughnut

French toast doughnut is a delicious combination of french toast and doughnut. These French toast donuts are perfect for weekend breakfast or brunch. Enjoy this amazing treat with your kids!

Recipe is Here:

9. Baked Vanilla Bean Doughnuts

Baked vanilla beans doughnut

Baked vanilla bean doughnuts are a classic version of eggless doughnuts recipe. Use of fresh vanilla beans is a key to making these ultimate doughnuts. This baked doughnut recipe is much better than fried doughnuts.

Recipe is Here:

10. Cranberry Orange Doughnuts

cranberry orange doughnut

This is a baked eggless doughnut recipe. The sweet and tangy taste of these doughnuts is awesome! It can be an easy treat choice for holiday trip. This eggless doughnut recipe is a good option for a sweet tooth person.

Recipe is Here:

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