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Top 5 Diets for Healthy Liver and Kidneys

Top 5 Diets for Healthy Liver and Kidneys

In this article, we are going to discuss diets for a healthy liver and kidneys.

The kidneys and liver are organs that keep your body cleanse itself from waste. The human body has two kidneys. While kidneys are the pair of bean-shaped organs on either side of the spine, below the ribs. They help in removing waste and excess water from bloodstreams, balancing electrolytes, and regulate the balance of chemicals within the body.

The Liver is one of the largest organs of the human body. It helps the body to insulate and store nutrients from food and excrete toxic substances. The good functioning of the liver and kidneys are vital for optimal health. There are several diets for healthy liver and kidneys that can help you cleanse your kidneys and liver.

Did you know that the liver is responsible for many tasks in the body?

As the largest organ of the body, the liver has many crucial roles to keep you alive and well. However, the role of the liver is to: store vitamins and irons. It also converts stored sugar to usable sugar when the body’s sugar levels decrease below normal, and destroy old red blood cells and create bile to break down and digest fats.

You may hear about charcoal lemonade, kale salads and quinoa bowls as essentials for “detoxification,” but the reality is, your kidneys and liver have it handled. Both organs are vital for eliminating toxins from your body:  the liver converts them into less hazardous compounds. However, your kidney flushes them out from your body. And while diet “detoxes” aren’t important, how you eat does affect the health of your liver and kidneys.

Here are the top 5 effective diets for a healthy liver and kidneys! Read thoroughly.

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1.   Coffee ( Beverage for healthy Liver)


Do you know – Coffee is one of the best brews among the other beverages you can drink to promote liver health. Studies have shown that drinking coffee shields the liver from disease even in those who already are suffering from the problems of this organ.

For instance, studies have often shown that drinking coffee minimizes the risk of cirrhosis or permanent liver damage in people with a chronic liver infection.  

Drinking coffee may also lower the risk of developing a common type of liver cancer and it has positive effects on liver disease and inflammation. Moreover, it is associated with a lower risk of death in people with chronic liver disease with the maximum benefits seen in those who drink at least 3 cups every day.

2.    Garlic ( Food for healthy Kidneys)


1 clove garlic = 1 mg sodium, 12 mg potassium, 4 mg phosphorus

Basically, Garlic helps in preventing plaque from forming on teeth, lowers cholesterol and lessens inflammation. Use fresh garlic, bottled, crushed or powdered, and add it to vegetable, meat or pasta recipes. Moreover, roast a head of fresh garlic and spread on bread. Garlic gives an aromatic flavour to your dish and garlic powder is the best alternative for garlic salt in the dialysis diet.

3.  Nuts (Food for healthy Liver)


The Nuts are high-fat nutrients having antioxidant vitamin E and useful plant compounds. This arrangement is responsible for several health benefits, especially for heart health, but possibly also for the liver.

1-6 months observational study in 106 people with the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease found eating nuts was related to upgraded stages of liver enzymes.

While the second observational study found that men who ate small amounts of nuts and seeds had a higher risk of improving NAFTA than men who ate a great number of nuts and seeds.

4.       Cherries (Fruit for healthy Kidneys


A half-cup serving fresh sweet cherries = 0 mg sodium, 160 mg potassium, 15 mg phosphorus.

Cherries have been exposed to lessen inflammation when eaten regularly. Moreover, they are packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect the heart.

Include fresh cherries in your snack or make a cherry sauce to serve with lamb or pork. You can also prepare cherry juice; it is another way to consume this tasty food.  

5.       Grapefruit (Fruit for healthy Liver)


A grapefruit includes antioxidants that naturally protect the liver. The two major antioxidants found in grapefruit is naringenin and naringin.

Many animal studies have found that both antioxidants help in protecting the liver from injury. The protective effects of grapefruit are identified to occur in two ways by plummeting inflammation and protecting cells.

Studies have also shown that these antioxidants can moderate the development of hepatic fibrosis. A harmful situation in which extreme connective tissue from the liver, this usually results from chronic inflammation.

Moreover, in mice that were fed a high-fat diet. Naringenin reduced the amount of fat in the liver and, increased the number of enzymes. The enzymes are vital for burning fat which can help in inhibiting excess fat from accumulating.

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